Mobile Bulk Sorting Plant

The mobile bulk sorting plant (MBSP) is a compact turn-key bulk ore sorting solution that can be deployed quickly and easily either to undertake pilot bulk sorting trials or to carry out full scale bulk sorting for smaller mining operations.

Nominal capacity

400 tph

Particle top size

250 mm

Models available

Cu, Fe

Measurement speed

2 – 4 seconds

Mobilise and Deploy

The MBSP is a flexible, modular plant transported in component parts and assembled on-site. No civil works required – does not require concrete footings, water or compressed air feed.

Set-up equipment

  • 1x 4WD forklift or IT
  • 1x 40-tonne crane or 2x 25-tonne franna cranes
  • 1x EWP

Flexible Power Supply

Option of either fully-diesel or fitted with transformer for connection to local power distribution.

Fully Diesel

  • 1x 50A diesel electric generator
  • 1x CAT2.2 diesel hydraulic power pack

Mains Power

  • 415V 3-phase (ideal) or other electrical feed via integrated transformer


One Time MR Calibration

The MR radio signal is tuned specifically to the signature resonant frequency unique to the target mineral and no other. There are no “false positives” from other minerals or elements, so no calibration adjustments are required for changing ores regardless of host-rock or intermittent presence of other trace elements.

The MRA is calibrated in the factory using a standard sample prepared using ore or concentrate from the client’s mine site. After assembly on site, the standard sample is used to confirm the calibration. No ongoing calibration is required, and the standard is used only after repairs to confirm calibration.

Safe Radio Technology

MR measurement relies on non-ionizing, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation similar to the frequency band used for aerial TV or radio. This radiofrequency field is transmitted and received by an antenna in the MRA sensor core.

Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together (i.e., radiating) through space at the speed of light.  Taken together, all forms of electromagnetic energy are referred to as the electromagnetic “spectrum.”  Radio waves and microwaves emitted by transmitting antennas are one form of electromagnetic energy.

Further safety information on RF radiation can be found on the US FCC website here.

The MRA uses integrated shielding and electrical interlocking switch systems to adhere to the strictest RF and electrical safety standards for use on mine sites in close proximity of personnel.

Scope of Supply


  • MRA sensor and electronics container
    • (optional) Diesel electric generator
  • SM1090 stacking conveyor
  • Loadrite C2850 belt scale
  • Vortex pneumatic blade diverter
  • Diesel hydraulic or electric hydraulic power pack
  • Compressor


  • (optional) Mains power
  • (optional) Hard-wired data connection


Data produced by the analyser can either be linked to a local SCADA/DCS system directly using MODBUS TCP/IP or to cloud reporting via secure Microsoft Azure cloud data.