Mobile Bulk Ore Sorting Plant

About the Mobile Bulk Sorting Plant

The mobile bulk sorting plant (MBSP) is a compact, turnkey, bulk ore sorting solution that is quickly and easily deployed to undertake pilot bulk sorting trials or to carry out full-scale bulk sorting for smaller mining operations.

Mobilie Plant

Flexible, Integrated, Transportable

Turnkey plant solution which can be deployed on-site without concrete footings, water, or a compressed air feed.

Set-up equipment

  • 1x 4WD forklift or IT
  • 1x 40-tonne crane or 2x 25-tonne franna cranes
  • 1x EWP

Power Flexibility

Generator & Transformer Power

Flexible power offering which provides a choice between a diesel generated or transformer based power source.

  • 1x 50A diesel electric generator
  • 1x CAT2.2 diesel hydraulic power pack

Set-up Equipment

  • 1x 50A diesel electric generator
  • 1x CAT2.2 diesel hydraulic power pack
  • 415V 3-phase (ideal) or other electrical feed via integrated transformer
One Time MR Calibration

Mineral resonance is highly specific to each mineral. Because there is no interference or overlap in signal from other minerals or elements, and because the technology is unaffected by particle size or moisture content, analysers do not need recalibration in regular operation. Analysers operate for years at a time without the requirement to recalibrate.

In bulk sorting, confident in measurement is crucial and reliability of grade measurement is a core advantage of magnetic resonance systems.

MR systems operate nominally within the “high frequency” (3-30MHz) and “very high frequency” (30-299MHz) radio frequency bands. Other technologies using this range of frequencies are radio and television broadcasting, radar and 2-way radios. These technologies have been in use for tens to hundreds of years and health effects both well understood and minimal.

Magnetic Resonance Analyser (MRA)

On-Conveyor Features
Measurement TypeParticle SizeFeed RatePod SizeIntegration SizePrecisionCalibration FrequencyOH&S

Direct mineral quantification
Fully penetrative

Generally constrained by conveyor(Nominally ~1um -350mm)No particle size ratio limit

100 –10,000 tph

80kg –10 tonnes
(feed rate dependent)

1 –10 seconds (mineral dependent)

<10% relative to minimum cut-off grade (mineral dependent) Chalcopyrite: 1σ of 0.023%Cu in 2-4s

Factory calibration No ongoing site calibration required

No radio-specific regulations (2-way VHF radio band)