Breakthrough Ore Sorting Technology

Precise mine control. Lower environmental impact.

Accurate. Fast. Scalable. Real-Time. High-Grade.
  • Accurate Complete Sensing

    Magnetic resonance is a leap in ore sensing technologies, providing accurate and complete mineral grade measurements for every tonne of ore.

  • Fast Scalable Sorting

    Capable of sorting thousands of tonnes of run-of-mine or primary crushed ore per hour without screening or washing, delivering grade estimates within seconds.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Providing ore grade readings in real-time, enabling mine operators to autonomously control downstream processing.

About us

Ground-breaking Ore Sensing and Sorting Technology

NextOre was formed in 2017 and brings together technical and commercial expertise to guide companies through all stages of sorting implementation – from technical and economic studies through to detailed materials handling design and installation.

About Us

Our Technology

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Sensing and Ore Sorting Technology
  • Magnetic Resonance

  • Bulk Ore Sorting

Our Products

Complete Sensing, Analysis and Sorting
  • Product

    Conveyor System Ore Analyser

    Real-time ore grade analysis for conveyor belts.

  • Product

    Mobile Bulk Ore Sorting Plant

    Turnkey bulk ore sorting solution.

  • Product

    OGX Sensor

    One sided sensing solution for mining trucks and surge loader.