Board of Directors

Rob Adamson
Rob AdamsonChairman
Rob is the Executive Chairman of RFC Ambrian and has over 30 years’ experience as a corporate finance professional where he has been involved in numerous transactions in the mining, oil and gas, and related industry sectors. He has extensive knowledge of the resources sector and has in addition to his role as an adviser played leading roles in the creation of a number of successful companies. In addition to his roles within NextOre and the RFC Ambrian group of companies Rob is the Chairman of PhotonAssay technology company, Chrysos Corporation.
Dr Nick Cutmore
Dr Nick CutmoreDirector
Dr Cutmore is a Research Director in CSIRO Mineral Resources where he initiates and shepherds the development and commercialisation of novel measurement systems for global impact in industry. He has a career interest in the commercialisation of technology, and has been involved in the creation and oversight of spin-off companies and Joint Ventures that have launched CSIRO technology in the global market.
Bradley Andrews
Bradley AndrewsDirector
Brad is a Professional Geophysicist with a Bachelors of Science in Geophysics from the University of Calgary and a MBA in International Business from Haskayne School of Business. He has over 20 years of business, project and technical consulting experience working on resource and energy projects in 16 countries over 5 continents. Brad has been with Worley for over 16 years following previous roles with Mining and Oil & Gas operators. Brad is currently President of Advisian Digital.

Alternate Directors: For Rob Adamson, Stephen Allen who is a Managing Director of RFC Ambrian and for Brad Andrews, John Bolto who is a specialist consultant with Advisian Digital.


Chris Beal
Chris BealChief Executive Officer
Chris Beal is an experienced engineer and corporate financial advisor for natural resources companies. Chris has a passion for supporting the growth and commercialization of innovative companies in mining. For three years Chris had a leading role within RFC Ambrian’s technology and innovation portfolio, working with companies across sectors including renewable energy, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and radio systems.
Shivika Singh
Shivika SinghChief Operating Officer
Prior to joining NextOre in 2019, Shivika was the Technology Integration Manager for CSIRO responsible for commercialising key Magnetic Resonance and X-ray technologies in the Sensing and Sorting program. She has an MBA in Strategy from University of Aberdeen, Scotland and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering . She has over 12 years of experience in business strategy, project management, product development and engineering , with a focus on new technology and novel process design. She also has experience as a project manager for technologies used in Iron and steel plants.

Advisory Board

Dr David Miljak
Dr David MiljakChief Technology Officer
Dr David Miljak is Team Leader, Ore Sorting, at CSIRO Minerals. He has over 18 years experience in developing radio frequency methods and analysers for various sensing applications. His current research interest is bulk mineral sensing using magnetic resonance methods.
Dr Peter Coghill
Dr Peter CoghillTechnology Manager
Dr Coghill has a PhD in physics and 20 years of experience applying measurement technology to the minerals industry. His current research interests include: magnetic resonance analysis, gamma activation analysis, bulk ore sorting, and studying grade heterogeneity with respect to its effect on bulk ore sorting.
Mark Esvelt
Mark EsveltChief Process Engineer - Advisian
Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the mineral processing industry across iron ore, base metals and gold production. He is a recognised process engineer in the industry, with strong technical and practical knowledge. Mark has proven experience in the financial modelling and practical integration of technology into operations.
John Bolto
John Bolto
John is a specialist consultant with Advisian Digital based in Perth, Australia. He is a member of the Worley’s Innovation Council and responsible for managing several technology start ups within the minerals and metals sector in Advisian Digital. Previously in Worley, he has experience as global technical director for MM&C, in regional sector leadership roles in Australia, Europe and North America, plus Business Development, Senior Project Management and Engineering Management roles in Australia.

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